VC Splitter Pro

$15.00 / month

Professional Split Testing for Visual Composer

VC Splitter Pro makes it extremely simple to implement A/B Testing in Visual Composer to find what content works best for your visitors, improving  your website’s sales, signups and conversions.


Quick and Easy Setup

Track Via Stats Dashboard

Improve Your Website

Your website will deliver one “variation” at a time to your visitors, tracking views, clicks, bounces, click through rate and bounce rate and allow you to compare what messaging works best.

What They’re Saying

Website Improvement,
Right from  your Page Builder

VC Splitter Pro allows you to adapt your site based on the preferences of your audience to lower your bounces and get more clicks, signups and sales.

We’ve made it easy to A/B Test your website, right from Visual Composer’s backend editor. It’s the perfect pairing to easily modify layouts, buttons, headings or any elements to split test and quickly improve your website. So try out VC Splitter Pro, we’re sure you and your visitors are going to love it.

We want to help you learn A/B Testing to improve your website, and keep it easy to use in the familiar environment of Visual Composer.

A Trend of the Future

Top 10,000 Websites
Top Million Websites
The Entire Internet

Of the Top 10,000 websites, over 47% are implementing site optimization to improve the web experience for their visitors. They are using tactics such as A/B testing to provide better content to their users and improve their conversions.

As you zoom out to the top million websites and then the entire internet the percentages decrease drastically. The top sites are analytically improving their websites while the rest of the internet lags behind.

With VC Splitter Pro You Can

  • Naturally Create A/B Split Tests within Visual Composer
  • Check stats of each test in terms of views, clicks and bounces.
  • Test ANY Visual Composer Element combination
  •  Toggle if a test will be shown on mobile devices
  • Discover what your users prefer and what needs to be improved