Getting Started with VC Splitter Pro

Easy to use A/B Testing for Visual Composer

  • Pick a page or pages you want to test and improve – add a Split Test Variation container and drag in your previous content (or create new content)
  • Duplicate the first variation and modify the duplicated test with a different layout, heading, buttons, images or ANY Elements you feel fit.
  • You are testing to see what content works better with your visitors to get clicks and keep them engaged with and on the site.
  • Label your variations for detailed tracking in the Stats Panel
  • Repeat steps 3+4 with as many variations as you’d like.

Naturally integrates with Visual Composer

Check back and view the stats panel to see what split test variation is working best – make sure your sample size is large enough before switching to the best variation and repeating the process on that version

You are testing, tracking and improving your site in as little as 10 minutes. Providing a better user experience for your visitors as well as determining what works with your audience and what can be improved.

This technology used to be out of reach, with price tags greater than $1,000+ per month, now with VC Splitter Pro you can effortlessly A/B Test and improve your site for only $10/mo

Submit screenshots of your Stats Panels to us along with live links to be entered to be a featured splitter on our homepage or win a lifetime membership

Track your Stats in the Analytics Dashboard

Your website will deliver one “variation” at a time to your visitors, tracking views, clicks, bounces, click through rate and bounce rate and allow you to compare what messaging works best.

Improve Your Website Based on Your Findings

Based on what variations of content work best with your targeted audience, adapt and improve your site to retain the increase in clicks, depreciation in bounces and overall better user experience.