The most important factors influencing SEO effectiveness

Effective positioning can turn Google’s page ranking upside down, and whether an SEO campaign will work depends on paying attention to a lot of elements digital marketing agencies malaysia . It is not only about the content, links or keyword saturation, but about 200 factors affecting the position of the page in Google. The most important of them are.

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SEO techniques: white hat, black hat and gray hat SEOs

Search engine optimization does not always mean the same. Within SEO, there are two or even three subgroups of positioning methods that are characterized by a different degree of respect for the principles of ethical positioning according to Google. Traditionally, white hat SEO and black hat SEO techniques are being talked about, and for some time gray hat SEO has also been distinguished. Having the importance of seo is important.

White hat SEO gives the most durable results with the cleanest, but also the most time-consuming practices, black hat positioning is an attempt to cheat the algorithms and get quick results in a very short time. This method is completely unprofitable because it simply spoils the internet and does not fit in with a long-term strategy of building lasting results. Gray hat SEO, on the other hand, is a set of constantly changing techniques that fit into the gaps in Google’s guidelines and give good results with frequent updating of the website in terms of new positioning rules.

White hat SEO 

It is positioning with the use of only fully accepted by Google SEO techniques in order to increase the position of the website in search results. The white hat SEO method is an ethical and non-pushy method. The combination of such honest techniques can improve the authority of the site in a given field, obtain reliable, valuable links, provide the user with the most original and highest quality content and improve the usability of the site. Thanks to this, trust in the website is naturally built and high position in Google is achieved. White hat SEO is more difficult and demanding, but professional and fair website positioning, which focuses on quality, not quantity, and the effects of which are much more durable than the effects of black hat SEO. Some white hat SEO techniques include: code, headers, page loading speed, page structure and URL optimization creating high-quality content guest blogging link baiting – creating interesting resources in the form of infographics, guides, tests.

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SEO, SEM and website positioning

The definition of SEO is sometimes not enough to understand well where are the boundaries between related terms: SEM and positioning. Let’s organize erroneous and correct information and settle the discussion on the scope of each of these concepts.

SEO, SEM and website positioning

SEO and SEM are different terms and should not be used interchangeably. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, search engine marketing, which is simply internet marketing that directs traffic to the website from paid and free search engine results. SEO is part of the SEM campaign. 


In other words, SEM consists of two areas: positioning that affects the visibility of the website in free organic results, and PPC (Pay Per Click), i.e. Google ads, so-called Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), the best example of which are sponsored links visible in the results search over natural results.